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The Waldron Island School is a small school with approximately 14 students in kindergarten through 8th grade. It is one of nine schools in the State of Washington designated as "remote and necessary". The curriculum spans all nine grades with individualized programs. Facilities include two classroom spaces and a small library in one building. Staffing generally consists of three part time certificated teachers, a classified program associate, as needed, and custodial/maintenance staff.

Waldron Island is located in San Juan County, Washington approximately three miles by water from the northwestern shores of Orcas Island. Waldron's year-round population is approximately 70 people. Life-styles on Waldron require good physical health and a sense of self-reliance. Living accommodations are modest cabins, heated by wood and with minimal indoor plumbing. There is no public electric or telephone service (though the school has its own generator), and no stores or high school on the island. There is a post office with mail delivery three days a week.

Transportation by small plane or boat is available to nearby Orcas Island for shopping facilities and ferry service to the mainland. Waldron Island residents regularly depend on bicycles and walking for traversing the network of dirt roads on their three mile wide island.